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Citrix, a leading provider of cloud-based people-centric Workspace solutions, initially acknowledged the value of OneLink technology to consolidate their global websites and ensure brand consistency. However, as their globalization strategy and technological infrastructure advanced, they aimed to take full control of their language site output and host all languages in their preferred CMS. Consequently, the Citrix team made the transition from OneLink to Project Director. While transferring the technology was straightforward, the internal changes required were more challenging, encompassing debugging, image and asset mapping, and adding pages in scope. The task was further complicated by the fact that only two individuals were responsible for managing 21 sites. For Citrix, it was crucial that Project Director offered an automated turnkey solution to streamline the process.

"Our relationship with has been more of a partnership than a vendor relationship. We’ve seen our engagement results just go through the roof. Time on site has increased, form fill conversions have increased. So, good KPIs that we are hitting.””
Frank Volinsky, Digital Strategy Manager Citrix

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Website Localization
Expand Your Global Footprint with Website Localization Technology. GlobalLink makes it easy and cost-effective to create, launch, and manage websites in multiple languages.
Mobile Localization
GlobalLink drastically reduces the time, cost, and project management work associated with mobile app and mobile gaming localization to help take your local work across the globe.
GlobalLink Portal
Our powerful, scalable, and fully customizable Portal solution provides clients with a simple tool to effectively manage the translation process without the need for additional project management resources or IT dependencies.

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