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IT often leads the way when companies add content and systems for translation management. Designed with IT teams in mind, GlobalLink is a scalable SaaS solution that seamlessly integrates with any internal content management system to reduce the amount of IT overhead translation management usually requires. Even better, we ensure your data is protected and secure, in any language, and that going global is hassle-free for the entire team.



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Keep Your Data Safe and Secure

GlobalLink's IT-friendly cloud-based deployment preserves the highest standards for privacy and data security. Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with and complement your existing business requirements and processes, for easy launch and easy maintenance.

How can I ensure that scaling my existing systems globally is secure?


GlobalLink keeps your organization's data safe and secure, no matter how many countries or languages you support.


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"GlobalLink has offered comprehensive tools and flexibility in integrating with our internal processes, thus making them a strong choice for a language solutions partner."

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