Translation Memory Management

Why Translate Your Content Twice?

Get it right the first time with GlobalLink translation memory management. We help localization teams deliver high-quality in-language content with greater consistency and efficiency, while reducing overall costs and slashing turnaround time.

Easily scale your global content with our enterprise platform for translation memory

Thanks to GlobalLink’s scalable translation memory technology, you will never again have to translate the same content twice. Make your content matter as you share translations in real-time across your organization and with external suppliers. Server-based translation memory combined with our online translation editing environment gives translation teams the ability to work faster and smarter while maintaining translation quality and consistency. In this case, the first time is the charm.

How can I reduce translation costs without sacrificing quality?

Learn how GlobalLink can manage translation memory to help automate the localization process, save time and money, and spark the highest level of quality and consistency in every deliverable.


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