Translation Workflow Management

Why Translate Your Content Twice?

More than 5,000 organizations around the world turn to GlobalLink to simplify and amplify multilingual content, from content creation to design to maintenance.

Optimize your enterprise translation processes

GlobalLink combines project management, workflow automation, supply chain enablement, translation memory and content review in an intuitive, SaaS-based solution. If your organization is looking to reduce costs, improve language quality, accelerate turnaround times, and enjoy maximum flexibility in managing global content requirements, our customizable architecture is easy to configure and use throughout organizations. The end result is a single solution to coordinate and streamline the complex process of delivering global content at scale that eliminates manual effort without adding internal IT work.

Translation Management: the Entire Process

A translation workflow involves many moving parts—it’s not just translating content. There’s also:

  • Project management
  • Creating and maintaining a glossary with a terminology management system
  • Review of the terminology and the content by in-country reviewers
  • Formatting the content
  • QA check 
  • Publishing the content
  • Capturing changes and content in a translation memory


Managing all these moving parts as separate components can be a full-time job. However, when you switch to GlobalLink, a translation management system, the technology takes care of all the components for you. You simply initiate the project, and the technology handles the rest.

How can I make managing global content easier?

Learn how GlobalLink's patented technologies and workflow innovations can reduce time, effort, and cost throughout the localization process.


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