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Improve Global Customer Experience

With GlobalLink, you can create an outstanding customer experience every step of the way, ensuring your content gets noticed.

Streamline your translation and review process

GlobalLink turns content review from a mundane chore into a sophisticated success. Our translations technology streamlines the review process and ensures you are in compliance and in context, regardless of how many languages you support. And thanks to in-context review, translated content mirrors the published version to ensure your global messaging is on-brand and on fire to deliver the most impactful customer experience.


A Review Process = Improved Quality and Consistency

Having a translation review process internally can be a challenge with trying to get people to take on reviewing content in addition to their other job responsibilities. Yet you have an internal review process for the native content, right? So why wouldn’t you do the same for the translated versions?

Many businesses attempt this step and then give up for a variety of reasons such as the work is set as a low priority, which leads to long turnaround times, etc. Don’t give up though—we’re here to help alleviate these issues.  

The most complete review process is two-fold:

  1. Terms in the glossary: Before the translation process begins, extract the common terminology that’s used throughout the content, and we can add it to our terminology management system with GlobalLink. The translation reviewers review these terms in-context, and then the translators can use the approved terms.
  2. The final draft: After the translation is complete, the reviewer reviews the content and makes any necessary changes, which get added to the translation memory for the next project.

As a result of the review, the quality and consistency of the content improves. Over time, these improvements will continue to happen. 


Improved Quality and Consistency = Cost Savings and Faster Turnaround Time

When content gets reviewed by in-country reviewers, the quality and consistency improve. It doesn’t matter if the content is website copy, content within an app or an instruction manual. Since the content is stored in a translation memory, it can be reused across any type of content.

With consistency comes cost savings, since the content has already been translated. Also, with more content already translated, turnaround times should be faster.



How can I improve the content review process?

Learn how to minimize the logistical challenges in getting translated content reviewed, approved, published, and used.


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