The Total Economic Impact™ Of TransPerfect’s GlobalLink Technology

TransPerfect’s OneLink technology and associated managed services simplify the management and maintenance of multilingual websites, enabling organizations to minimize the number of staff they must

Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) Report
Case Study: Costa
Case Study: BNI
Case Study: Hero Digital
Ask the Experts: Managing Cross-Border Digital Experiences and Product Data

We teamed up with experts from Fenix Outdoor Brands and Indiska to share their innovative insight into successfully navigating a global digital transformation.

SlatorPod - Leading TransPerfect’s Technology Division With Matt Hauser
TransPerfect Senior Vice President of technology, Matt Hauser, joined SlatorPod to share his insight on how GlobalLink’s TMS is deployed across much of production at TransPerfect and across hundreds of enterprise clients.
Managing Cross Border Experiences With Pan Pacific Hotels Group and Adobe

We teamed up with Pan Pacific Hotels and Adobe to share their unique insights into successfully building, launching, and maintaining a multilingual omnichannel digital experience.

The Top 3 Questions to Ask when Evaluating MT for your Organization

The growth of MT and its many applications gives rise to a host of questions that can stump both first-time users and experienced localization professionals.

Stibo Connect: Launch and Maintain Multilingual Product Content Faster – cosnova Beauty

Nick Panagopoulos, our VP of Strategic Alliance, shared his insights on how cosnova Beauty leveraged the power of GlobalLink and their Stibo integration to successfully launch and orchestrate their

PimCore Inspire’21: Create a World Class Customer Experience

Verena Bucher, Director of Strategy and Business Solutions, will share Bogner's customer success story, how to create world-class customer experiences, and other CX tips.

Reinventing Qatar’s Multilingual Global Content Strategy

At this year’s Adobe Summit, we sat down with Iris Wagner from Qatar’s National Tourism Council to discuss how she and her team successfully built, launched, and maintained a world-class multilingu

PIM Expert Panel featuring Body & Fit and European Aerosols GmbH

Ingo Seitz, Project Manager of Digital Marketing at European Aerosols, Fritjof Haalboom, Head of Technology at Body & Fit joined our very own VP of Global Strategic Alliances, Nicholas Panagopo

inRiver PIMpoint 2021 Innovation Spotlight Panel

How can you create successful multilingual experiences for your customers?

Sitecore Symposium 2021: Generating a World-Class Multilingual Customer Experience

Translations.com is a proud global Influencer-level sponsor at this the 2021 Sitecore Symposium!

Adobe Summit 2021 Session: Mastering Multilingual Digital Experiences

Explore how Novo Nordisk is successfully building, launching, and maintaining a world-class digital experience on a global scale while adapting to ongoing volatile market conditions.

Case Study: Lavazza

Lavazza, Adobe, and GlobalLink

Case Study: Lufthansa

Ensure Seamless Digital Experiences…Everywhere.

Case Study: Royal Caribbean

Smooth Sailing with GlobalLink

Breaking New Ground: Building a Multilingual Omnichannel Digital Experience

Description: We teamed up with Contentful to host an exclusive panel discussion featuring experts from Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and Mailchimp.

Overcoming Cross-Border Commerce Challenges in the New Normal

We teamed up with experts from Amplience and Avalara to walk through the importance of content, localization, and taxation in crafting your brand’s international strategy.

Accelerating Global Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

More companies are building, launching, and maintaining digital experiences than ever before.

The Nuts and Bolts of Translation Management System

A Translation Management System, or TMS, isn't a phrase that exactly rolls off the tongue. It sounds...complicated.

Managing Multilingual Digital Experiences

Explore how companies are successfully building, launching, and maintaining world-class digital experiences globally while adapting to ongoing volatile market conditions.

Whitepaper: Leveraging Machine Translation for your Organization

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in a diverse array of applications is becoming more ubiquitous.

Expanding Across Borders Easily And Effectively

We teamed up with Akeneo to chat with Pierce and understand how they successfully built, launched, and maintained a multilingual PIM.

Understanding and Translating Chatbots

Chatbots are created for a purpose. Whether it is to entertain the user or to carry out some tasks, it interacts with the user.

Why Should You Localize Your Website?

The difference between the right word and the almost-right word, Mark Twain said, is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.