The Future of Digital Marketing: Unleash the Power of Mach & Composable Technologies
Hewlett Packard
Watch our video to learn how GlobalLink helped HP with their landmark business restructuring.
Micro Strategy
Once onboarded, MicroStrategy was able to optimize their localization strategy and reduce the time it took to translate and approve a single webpage from 36 hours down to two—a 90% increase in productivity.
Blizzard Entertainment
One of Blizzard Entertainment’s biggest localization obstacles is keeping up with the increased cadence of content for its games in order to maintain authenticity across all regions. With such a high attention to detail comes a lot of changes to implement. By utilizing TransPerfect’s platform, they are able to continually localize their content quickly in order to meet deadlines.
Mandarin Oriental
Mandarin Oriental understands that a multilingual experience is a critical success factor in engaging with its guests both before and during their stay. Watch now to learn how TransPerfect and GlobalLink helped them build a seamless digital experience for customers – anywhere across the world.
Hass needed to find the right technology that could help them localize their website in 26 languages. Watch our video to learn how GlobalLink and Adobe helped Haas accomplish this.
Novo Nordisk
By implementing GlobalLink Connect for Adobe Experience Manager, Novo Nordisk was able to streamline their translation workflow for digital content, enabling them to quickly deliver multilingual experiences to their customers.
After implementing GlobalLink Connect for Inriver, Fjällräven was able to easily create, manage, and publish content in nine different languages across 11 markets around the globe with minimal effort and virtually no IT overhead.
To help further expand their business, Indiska turned to to localize their website in eight different languages across several markets. Utilizing GlobalLink Connect for both inriver and Optimizely, Indiska was able to translate and manage their website content in a user-friendly and cost-efficient way.
Citrix, a leading provider of cloud-based people-centric Workspace solutions, initially acknowledged the value of OneLink technology to consolidate their global websites and ensure brand consistency.
To expedite their 'expansion through localization' objectives, they harnessed GlobalLink Web to localize their websites for multiple markets. With no need for in-house resources, GlobaLink Web allowed the vVardis team to make effortless updates to in-language content.
Launching over a million words in Russian, Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish over two years, GlobalLink Web helps SITA manage and maintain its constantly changing website content seamlessly. Thanks to the team, SITA can achieve its goal of getting closer to its customers around the world.
As a world-renowned brand, Absolut wanted to leverage the full potential of its online channels. By integrating‘s GlobalLink Technology with its Optimizely CMS, Absolut are now able to easily manage the rollout of its new site.
By deploying GlobalLink Connect for Akeneo, was able to help speed up Pierce’s time-to-market and increase their translation productivity by about 40%.
The Total Economic Impact™ Of TransPerfect’s GlobalLink Technology

TransPerfect’s OneLink technology and associated managed services simplify the management and maintenance of multilingual websites, enabling organizations to minimize the number of staff they must

Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) Report
TransPerfect commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying GlobalLink.
Case Study: Costa
By implementing GlobalLink with Adobe Experience Manager, Costa Crociere has been able to deliver a tailored experience to travelers around the world, providing a seamlessly integrated booking experience in their native language.
Case Study: BNI
Consistent messaging is essential for communicating your message - to clients, prospects, and colleagues. Terminology management ensures correct terms are used across all channels.
Case Study: Hero Digital
Hero Digital wanted to engage with customers around the world in their preferred languages. By integrating with GlobalLink, Hero Digital minimized their need for extensive resources and costly talent, reducing turnaround time by 30%. Watch the video to learn more.
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The Top 3 Questions to Ask when Evaluating MT for your Organization

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inRiver PIMpoint 2021 Innovation Spotlight Panel

How can you create successful multilingual experiences for your customers?

Sitecore Symposium 2021: Generating a World-Class Multilingual Customer Experience is a proud global Influencer-level sponsor at this the 2021 Sitecore Symposium!

Adobe Summit 2021 Session: Mastering Multilingual Digital Experiences

Explore how Novo Nordisk is successfully building, launching, and maintaining a world-class digital experience on a global scale while adapting to ongoing volatile market conditions.

Case Study: Lavazza
Lavazza sought to build personal relationships with customers through digital experiences. Watch now to learn how GlobalLink and Adobe helped Lavazza centralize and streamline the process of creating, managing, and publishing content in 37 languages across 45 markets.
Case Study: Lufthansa
Lufthansa needed to find a solution to support their multilingual content strategy and deliver a superior customer experience. GlobalLink offered Lufthansa a smooth, auto-pilot solution that saves time by eliminating manual processes while accelerating time-to-market.
Case Study: Royal Caribbean

Smooth Sailing with GlobalLink

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Understanding and Translating Chatbots

Chatbots are created for a purpose. Whether it is to entertain the user or to carry out some tasks, it interacts with the user.

Why Should You Localize Your Website?

The difference between the right word and the almost-right word, Mark Twain said, is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.