Mobile Localization Solutions

The World is Mobile. And So is Your Content.

GlobalLink drastically reduces the time, cost, and project management work associated with mobile app and mobile gaming localization to help take your local work across the globe.

Automate localization for mobile apps, websites, and games

Local is global with GlobalLink translation management. Our cloud-based system easily integrates into mobile app, web, and mobile gaming development lifecycles to streamline the entire translation process. GlobalLink is the first and only localization platform that can synchronize your app translations without requiring a resubmit to app stores. In-context review functionality also ensures your app will look and function consistently across any device or operating system while reducing post-localization testing.

How can I make the process of localizing mobile apps and websites more efficient?

Learn how GlobalLink can cover all of your needs for mobile app, web, and game localization, including auto-synced content and real-time edits.


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