Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Leverage AI for Cost-effective, Fast, and Dynamic Translations

GlobalLink AI Solutions make cost-effective and high-speed translations one click away, getting you instant results when and where you need it most.

AI-powered translation technologies

Using neural networks, our translation engines can be customized to your content, producing higher-quality results and reducing localization costs by up to 50%.

One Engine, Multiple Uses

Machine translation can be leveraged in a variety of scenarios: out-of-the-box translation for long tail content and gisting or post-edit workflows with linguists editing and refining the content to the highest levels of quality. To meet these demands, our machine translation engines are part of the fabric, and we strive to make the GlobalLink Product Suite, APIs, and third-party custom integrations available everywhere.


Measure and Optimize

Part of making the right decisions for your translation strategy is having all the facts. Our metrics service captures and summarizes key performance data for our machine translation engines, such as what quality level can be achieved and what productivity gains are within reach. All this intelligence is at your service to make the absolute best decision for your content translation strategy. Click the link to read our white paper on neural machine translation.




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