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Machine Translation by TransPerfect

Proprietary AI-powered machine translation technology and services that help organizations optimize translation budgets and maximize efficiency.

The future is GlobalLink Now.

One Solution Everywhere


  • Secure and private translations
  • Supports multiple file formats


  • Use any machine translation engine
  • Enable human post-editing
  • Measure translator and MT engine performance

Browser + Email

  • Access translations in real time
  • Protect data privacy and security
  • Integrate machine translation conveniently

API + Connectors

  • Access translations in real time
  • Enable translations for large volumes
  • Integrate MT for CMS, chat, and customer support

Why GlobalLink Now?

Whether you're bolstering your own AI initiatives with our specialized consulting services or seeking off-the-shelf solutions, GlobalLink Now offers the versatility and stability that you need to make your initiatives a success. Tailored to suit your unique language mix, content complexities, and specific needs, GlobalLink Now empowers you to choose the perfect AI-driven solution for your multilingual content strategy. 

GlobalLink Now provides unparalleled flexibility, unlocking more capabilities to drive innovation in delivering in-language content than any other solution on the market.  Dedicated domain experts work closely with your organization to understand all of your unique requirements and use best-in-class tools to craft a content strategy to ensure that your translations are fast, accurate and always improving. Our unique marketplace approach means that GlobalLink Now supports any combination of third-party neural MT engines and LLMs and can even incorporate your existing internal models in a secure, cloud-based environment.  

GlobalLink Now is your answer to the complex landscape of AI offerings, with a curated and trusted marketplace of dynamic, scalable solutions for your content, communications, and language needs.

  1. Reduce
    translation time
  2. Optimize
    Translation Budget
  3. Maximize
    linguistic assets


What Makes GlobalLink Now Unique?

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Which GlobalLink Strategy is Right For you?



Hybrid Workflow

We recommend a workflow that combines machine translation with human post-editing for this content type. GlobalLink Now has a range of post-editing services that correct potential errors in MT output and make translations ready for publication.


Pure MT

Pure machine translation may lend itself well to the nature of this content type. Pure MT is ideal for scenarios where speed is more important than accuracy. Pure MT does not include human intervention and can be combined with any engine type available in GlobalLink Now.



Generic Engine

Generic engines are created using large, high-quality data sets from a diverse range of sources. GlobalLink Now generic engines are well suited to handle a wide variety of content.


Industry-Specific Engine

Industry-specific engines are created using language data from industry subject matter areas. These engines enhance the overall accuracy and technical precision of MT output.


Customized Engine

If translation memories (TMs) or terminology lists are available, we can customize an MT engine that is tailored to your content. The customized engine will be fine-tuned to learn your organization’s style and tone.