Automate the translation process for mobile and web apps

Applanga helps you reach your customers all around the world in the language they speak. From mobile to desktop, from games to web apps, Applanga provides a full solution for translating and localizing the content you need to deliver, where your customers need it. With in-context translation previews for iOS and Android, you can ensure that your app looks great everywhere. When you need to make changes to your content, Applanga handles updates in real time without users needing to update or reinstall your app on their devices.



Auto-Synced Localizable Resources
Add Translations in Real Time
Cloud Localization Platform
Mobile Localization Analytics
Live Translation Editing and Fixes
Test Directly on Mobile Devices

With a seamless integration, Applanga allows you to control the whole process of translating your app from within the web dashboard


  • Syncs directly with the app and uploads untranslated strings and downloads new or updated translations
  • Since the platform is directly connected with the app, there is no need to import or export files
  • Apps integrated with Applanga download the latest translations directly to the user's phone


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