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Your organization has massive translation requirements. Maybe you’re a major multinational organization, or maybe you intend to be one soon.

Either way, YOU are responsible for making sure that all of the moving parts stay moving, and that all of the stakeholders are happy.


Except there are a few challenges you need to overcome:

1. Market managers and reps want the flexibility to choose translation resources
2. Business units and departments want customizable processes for their requirements
3. IT wants simple integrations, easy deployments, and no technical headaches
4. Procurement wants cheaper costs and clear reporting
5. Management wants results, plain and simple


And it’s your job to make sure all of these groups get what they want.


Built from the ground up to support a multi-vendor, multi-national approach to translation management, GlobalLink Enterprise lets you pick your translators, combine multiple vendors and internal linguistic resources, customize your workflows, integrate with back-end systems, and automate manual processes associated with launching and maintaining global content—both online and offline. And since everything is managed from your central workflow platform, your organization will enjoy complete transparency into all of your translation efforts.

  • Pick your translators

  • Combine multiple vendors & internal resources

  • Integrate with back-end systems

  • Automate manual processes


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